Siding Options

Whether your home is post & beam or conventionally framed, choosing the right siding is important. Quality siding can be a defining feature to residential and commercial exteriors and can ensure a positive first impression from the outside in. Additionally, structural strength and weather resistance can be among the more significant practical benefits to be gained from good quality siding.

There are several mainstream types and they are as follows:

Fiber Cement

If you like the look and feel of real wood siding but do not want all that maintenance, than Fiber Cement is your best choice.

When used with Kleer siding it makes the final result unbeatable.

Fiber Cement is a masonry based product. It may sound very odd and artificial but used as your clapboard & wooden shingle siding, it has no competition. It comes pre-finished in a wide array of colors. The face of the product comes smooth or wood textured. It has a 15 year warranty and that is increased if you decide to paint it along the way. The finish on it will not peel or flake. It may over time (beyond the warranty) begin to fade. If you chose to paint it, painting is all you'll have to do. No scraping or putty work nessesary. Unlike a wood product, it does not have internal moisture to assist in pushing off the paint. So it will stay in place with no peeling. It also comes in a variety of stain colors that gives a natural Cedar/Redwood look to your home.

Unlike vinyl siding, it's extremely durable to any damage from unwanted abuse like tree limbs or stones that may be thrown from mowers.

It is typically used with a plastic composite trim such as Kleer siding. This is a trim used on corners, eves and soffits as well as window and door trim. It can be pre-finished to almost any color. Once installed it gives the same protection that the fiber cement siding does. It also comes in many profiles like crown, dental, fluted, etc. Both Fiber Cement & Kleer have great curb appeal but also are as equally attractive up close.

Used together they make a 5 Star choice for a maintenance free siding.

No matter what siding choice you make you can depend on the professionals at Hurlburt Building Contractors installing it correctly to the manufacturer's specifications. We are a certified Certainteed installation contractor.


The most popular is Vinyl Siding. Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors and styles.

From the popular triple 3" to double 4 & 5" clapboard, 5" Dutch lap, wooden shake & shingle, board & batten, beaded etc.

You can apply it with foam backer for extra insulation efficiency. Vinyl tsiding ypically works in conjunction with aluminum trim to finish the eves of your home. Vinyl comes with great warranties. Most are in regards to fade protection due to the enviroment. The panels are strong, but they could become brittle over time. Vinyl siding is a great low to middle price choice in new and remodeled homes.


Then there is Real Wood. This is a look that can't be duplicated by any of the artificial products when done correctly. You cannot beat the warm, traditional characteristics you get from real wood siding. If it's installed and finished using the proper environmental protection products by the seasoned professionals at Hurlburt Building Contractors, the end result will enhance your entire neighborhood for years to come.

When it comes to real wood siding, the styles and patterns are limitless! The one true species of real wood siding is Cedar. It has unique scent properties that allow it to repel insects and rot creating micro organisms. It has a smooth to the touch density, outstanding color and is a delight to work with.

Below each item's description is rated on a 5-Star scale for comparison:

  Vinyl Wood Fiber Cement
Durability *** **** *****
Available Colors *** ***** *****
Quality ** ***** *****
Affordability ***** ** ****
Available Styles *** ***** ***
Low Maintenance **** ** *****
Curb Appeal *** ***** *****
Warranty **** * *****

Why use Certainteed Fiber Cement siding?

Ideas and uses for Fiber Cement siding.