Choosing the right roofing material

Because we are commited to building of quality homes and additions, we provide roofing that has to meet the same rigorous standards we demand from all other aspects of our homes.

The roofing material used on your home should not be based only on performance but also aesthetics. On most homes, the roof is 1/3 of its visual profile. Choosing the right roof will add to your home's "curb appeal"; the wrong roof will distract from your home's beauty.

More often than not people look at the warranty on roofing rather than the overall product for its visual and performance qualities. We offer most styles and types of shingles produced by
GAF, our leading supplier of roofing products.

At Hurlburt Building Contractors we believe our clients should have a wide array of choices. We are here to introduce you to those products and also to help you sort out which roofing products do not best fit your budget or your needs.

For instance, most homes have a wooden shake look architectural shingle. This is a very popular look and a good overall choice but not necessarily the best one.

GAF offers a shingle designed for a Victorian style home. Their Country Mansion series roofing shingles have a scalloped, multi-dimensional design. Using the correct style of shingles gives the home an authentic look.

Your post & beam home may look best with the Grand Canyon series shingle. This is the ultimate choice for a rugged, wood shake look.

What's under your roofing?

There is a very important layer that you don't see but it can affect the longevity of your roofing as well as its ability to protect the structure below.

Newer homes have a plywood sheathing to fasten the shingles to. This provides a flat, smooth, even surface in which to lay roofing.

Older homes are typically a decked with 1" boarding. These often have large gaps between them and should be overlaid with plywood sheathing.

We have found that a product called Zip-Board offers a good system for roof sheathing. It is a 5/8" Advantek brand sheathing with a moisture resistant coating and is taped on all seams. It allows for shingles to be directly laid on the sheathing thus eliminating the need for roofing paper. Roofing paper can form wrinkles and cause shingles to buckle.

A proper water & ice barrier is ultimately one of the most important items under your roofing. When installed correctly, it will protect you from a back up of water under your shingles caused by ice damming at your eaves and in the valleys. This is commonly used on newer roofs but it is useless if not installed correctly.

Ice dams damage many homes each year in our area. In most cases it's not discovered until extensive damage has occurred because your insulation, framing and drywall absorb the leaking water before it reaches the ceiling or wall surface. If needed, we can provide inspections to determine if your roof has the proper level of protection.

We recommend using Grace Ice & Water material as it is one of the best products we've found

Our Guarantee

No matter what roofing you choose, there is always a possibility of failure during times of severe weather - especially in New England. If any leakage or damage occurs within 5 years your roof installation we will repair it a no cost to you.

That's security you won't find from your typical roofer.