Green Building

Green building is the process of building a structure, such as home or addition using environmentally responsible products and being resource-efficient throughout the building's life-cycle. It is also called sustainable building or green construction and is very important to both us and to our clients.

Green building's objective is to build structures that reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment around us. It reaches this objective by efficiently using water, energy and all other resources; reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation; and efficiently improves the indoor environment with the use of sustainable materials.

Why should I consider Green Building?

Green building is not a simple development trend; it is an approach to building suited to the demands of its time, whose relevance and importance will only continue to increase. The benefits to green building may be categorized along three fronts: environmental, economic, and social. On the environmental side you can expect emissions reduction, water conservation, waste management and temperature moderation. Focusing on the economic end, "going green" can raise property values, and show a drastic reduction in energy and water savings. Lastly the social aspect of building green and most important overall is a healthier lifstyle for you and your family. Building a green structure emphasizes ventilation and non-toxic, low emitting materials that create healthier and more comfortable living and working environments.

How much more expensive is Green Building?

Most often, the costs of green building are greatly exaggerated, while the return is often underrated. According to Wikipedia, green building costs tend to be less than 2% higher than traditional building costs, yet can yield a return of 10 times as much over the structure's life-span.

The savings you can receive on an environmentally friendly home come from the efficiency of water, energy and other resources. Green building homes can also bring a better return on your investment if you choose to sell, as energy efficient homes can bring more money in through sale prices or rental properties.

How can Post & Beam built houses be more energy efficient?

Post & Beam homes can be as energy efficient as any traditional home, possibly even more so. Because of the care and quality of materials we use, our Post & Beam homes can be efficient in water, energy, and heating usage, as well as any other resources. Talk with us today to see if a green built post & beam home is the right choice for you.