Decking & Rail Systems


Enjoy the the views of Western Mass with a professionally designed decking system, complete with cable rails to enhance the views. Our elegantly designed decks offer a relaxing space outdoors for entertaining, family dinners, kid's birthday parties and so much more. We can include the ultimate in luxury or pair it down for a simple, zen feel.

A deck is designed to meet your needs and style desires. We can build our decks in any shape or size, with an awning for shade protection or not. Our decks are capable of standing up to rain, water, snow and will stand strong through any weather. We take great pride in our decks, because we want you to relax and enjoy it when we are finished.

One thing we guarantee is your deck will not only look great, but when properly constructed using the right products, you'll experience years of maintenance free enjoyment. Being in the business for many years, we know first hand what products last and which ones just appear to. While the framing portion of decks remain pressure treated, the rest has changed dramatically. When looking to achieve a maintenance free deck, it's best to educate yourself on which products have the best value. Just because a product has a good warranty does not mean it will stand the test of time. Think of the harsh weather conditions, never mind family functions you plan to put this desk through. It has to be built tough.

For instance; Trex was one of the first maintenance free decking products of its kind. Trex decking is made from a wood/plastic composite. Meaning it has ground plastic as well as wood as an aggregate mixed with an epoxy bonding agent. Well this may sound environmentally friendly due to a portion of it’s ingredients, but it is not a stable pairing of ingredients. Hurlburt as well as other builders used it when it first came out. After installing it on several projects, we then kept an eye on it. Because we try to maintain a great relationship with our clients long after the job has been completed, we are able to check up on our jobs. Checking in even years later helps us find out what works and what products not to use in the future. Well after reviewing past jobs, we noticed that Trex started to change within a few years. It faded, swelled and just looked aged. This led us to find something that would hold up better. Remember, Hurlburt stands by our work

After some testing and a lot of research we choose Azek. Azek is a plastic composite decking. It uses Procell technology. It does not absorb the sun's UV rays or heat. So it won't fade in color and on a hot day you can walk on it with your bare feet with out having to “dance” across your deck. It also resists stains from your grill or cocktails. There are many types of so called “maintenance free” decking out there, but Azek tops them all. Many builders continue to use Trex or other similar products and that’s ok for them. But we like knowing that the products we offer are only the best for our clients. If you wish to downgrade to other products, we will certainly help to accommodate one that best fits your needs and budget.

Cable Rail Systems

Cable Rail Systems offer a modern appeal to any home or deck. Instead of having posts and a rail system of wood that blocks the views you've longed for, choose a cable rail system with single cables that allow you to rediscover the beauty in landscapes. Why would you block that amazing view? You deserve to enjoy it! We offer Azek baluster rail systems as well as a stainless cable rail system by Atlantis Rail. The cable rail gives a clean unobstructed view while creating a safe yet sleek appearance.

Strong and resilient, cable rails allow you to remain safe and secure without any obstructions. Stainless steel is commonly used for cable rail to prevent corrosion, so know that your investment is sound. Along with being more durable and resilient than wood, cable rails add a modern appeal to any home or deck.

Deck Renovation

Recently added to our line of services is deck renovations. In this process we take your old wooden baluster rail deck and transform it into a new modern maintenance free deck. We make use of your existing posts and framing by adding new vinyl sleeves and caps on your posts. We then replace your old decking with new Azek. After which, we finish by installing one of many rail systems between them. Cable rail systems can also work well in the renovation process. Deck renovation is a great way to upgrade your home into the new millennium. We welcome you to view a video showcasing the beauty of an Azek deck rail system.

Please view our full gallery of images showcasing our deck and rail systems.