Building an addition can add a dramatic flair to your home, giving you a cost effective choice to updating your surroundings.

In these tough economic times, building a brand new property isn't always in the budget. Many homeowners choose to expand their living space with an addition. From extra sitting rooms, foyers and kitchens to garages, we at Hurlburt Building Contractors can dramatically change the appearance (inside and out) of your home with an addition. Upgrading your home one section at a time can make a huge difference in the appearance and value. Additions can bring a new aesthetic to any space, offering contemporary flair or cozy comfort. Our team of professionals use their design expertise to be sure that the addition compliments your current home. Adding square footage to an existing home can either drastically alter the entire look of the original structure or be built with the goal of not changing the characteristic of the home at all; just adding more space. We will work with you to be sure your ultimate vision is achieved.

Our work with building additions comes from our client's imaginations, and one consultation with us can get you started on fulfilling your dream.